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  • Sycamore Gifted Education

    Sycamore Community Schools’ mission and vision is to create a culture of academic excellence through inclusive and innovative learning opportunities for the whole child. To empower all learners to reach their full potential in a globally competitive world. Sycamore values academic excellence, diversity and inclusion, community, character, and collaboration. To meet these principles, Sycamore has developed a continuum of support and service for identified gifted students. With nearly 47% of students at Sycamore Community Schools identified as gifted, this continuum of gifted support and service is available to provide rich opportunities for all students who are gifted while cultivating students' strengths and talents to transform students with potential and promise.

    Sycamore Community School District follows the Ohio Department of Education’s guidelines for the identification of gifted and talented students. Sycamore Community Schools understands that all students have a special contribution to make to society and deserve equal access to educational opportunities. Gifted students are different from their chronological peers because of advanced and unique cognitive and psychosocial development. The district is committed to meeting the appropriate educational needs of its students by offering a broad spectrum of specific opportunities to meet the needs of students with exceptional abilities.

    For specific information about gifted identification and services, please refer to the Sycamore Community Schools Gifted Information. The booklet includes comprehensive information about the district’s screening assessment procedures, identification of gifted students, a continuum of services for each grade level, and much more.


    For more information, contact:

    Supervisor of Gifted Programming:

    Jamie Jackson


    To learn more about programming and services at each building, please visit the district website and locate your school building for contact information for the building principal or counselor.