English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

COVID-19 Update

  • Sycamore's ESOL Department continues to prioritize the support of our multilingual families to the greatest extent possible during the pandemic. In accordance with guidance from the Ohio Department of Education, we will continue to provide emerging bilingual and multilingual learners in the ESOL program with opportunities for English language development. Our ESOL teaching staff will focus on ensuring students have equal access to the instructional curriculum, opportunities to continue their English learning, and receive the necessary accommodations or modifications required based on the individual student’s English Language Plan.


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  • We are glad that you are here!  We take much pride in the cultural and linguistic diversity we have in Sycamore Community Schools and continue to explore ways to support the transition process into our school district.  Whether this is your first year in Sycamore Community Schools or you have been a part of our school and local community for many years, the transition into or back to school can be challenging for both students and families. We value the involvement of all of our families and have many opportunities for you to become a part of the school community. Please contact your school’s ESOL teacher, building administrator, counselor or any other school or district personnel with questions or for more information on how to get involved.

    The purpose of the English Speakers of Languages Program is to help students to overcome cultural and language challenges with a goal of helping all students reach fluency in areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing English. Instructional services for ESOL students in Sycamore Community Schools are based on the philosophy of inclusion and participation to the maximum extent possible. 


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