English to Speakers of Languages (ESOL)


  • The purpose of the English Speakers of Languages Program is to help students to overcome cultural and language challenges with a goal of helping all students reach fluency in areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing English.

    Instructional services for ESOL students in Sycamore Community Schools are based on the philosophy of inclusion and participation to the maximum extent possible.

    Each ESOL student is assigned to an appropriate grade level classroom and the student attends regular classes in the content areas in addition to his/her ESOL services. The content area teacher may modify curriculum in collaboration with the ESOL teacher with both teachers continually monitoring student progress.

    Students in the ESOL program may be eligible for pass/fail and/or modified grades. When students exit the ESOL program either by assessment or parental request, they will receive regular classroom grades. Testing that is mandated by the state of Ohio may be required for all ESOL students.

    As students progress in their English language usage, ESOL support is lessened and eventually the student is entirely mainstreamed. Since research indicates that it can take from 7 to 10 years to acquire academic language proficiency at the same level as the native speaker, the rate of transitioning from ESOL support will differ with each student. For more information about Sycamore's ESOL Program, please see our ESOL Parent Handbook.

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