• Sycamore Community Schools is proud to be one of the most diverse districts in the Greater Cincinnati area. We strive to respect the diversity of our community through culturally responsive practices, teaching our students and staff about the importance of inclusiveness, empathy, and understanding.

    Culturally responsive practices are intended to ensure that all learners benefit equally from instruction and classroom management practices.

    A culturally responsive approach means being aware of cultural differences, examining teaching materials and practice, and adapting programs and interventions, as appropriate, to respond to different student needs. It also involves monitoring the effects of programs and interventions for all students, especially those from groups that have been historically marginalized.

Aves Culture & Climate Team (ACCT)

  • Sycamore's Aves Culture & Climate Team (ACCT), formally known as the Culturally Responsive Practices (CRP)  Committee, was established in 2016. The group is comprised of administrators, teachers, and staff. ACCT's mission is to examine and build upon the district's work around culturally responsive practices. 

    We believe that everything you believe and everything you do identifies you as a member of a group and distinguishes you from other groups. Culture and diversity refer to socioeconomics, power, privilege, class, ethnicity, language, gender, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation, and all other aspects of culture.

    We desire to help our students, families and each other feel welcome and accepted in their environment. We hope to help others learn to interact effectively and instruct through culturally responsive practices.

    ACCT will continue to provide meaningful learning opportunities to raise awareness and foster a welcoming environment for all learners and families.