How Do I Create a Parent Portal Account?

  • Sycamore Community Schools families can easily access their student's class and grade information, pay student fees, and register for programs like summer school via Parent Portal.

    1. Visit (Parent Portal)

    2. Click on "Create a Parent Portal Account"

    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account. You will need your name and contact information. The email address provided will be your username.

    4. Before the account is activated, you will need to access the confirmation email received at the email address provided. 

    5. You will then be prompted to search for students to associate with your account. You will need your student's last name and their student ID number. 

    6. Click "Search"

    7. A result will appear when last name and student ID match.  Verify that it is the correct student and then click “Add Student”

    8. The student is now in a requested state. More students can be requested by clicking on "Add More Students" or click on "continue" to complete the request process. Please contact your student's school to ensure manual verification of your student with your associated account. 

    9. Families will receive a verification email to complete the account creation process. This step must be completed before you can log in to your account.