We Believe That...

  • ▪ students are the focus of all that we do;
    ▪ we must address the needs of the total person, teaching the mind and the heart;
    ▪ we must be proactive in preparing for a changing world;
    ▪ there is power in a collaborative relationship with our families
    ▪ all persons have an innate desire and the capacity to learn;
    ▪ diversity enriches the human experience;
    ▪ integrity, respect, and open communication promote trusting relationships;
    ▪ we must value the citizens of our community and seek collaborative partnerships to improve our
    ▪ it is necessary to support, encourage, and provide continuous professional development of our employees;
    ▪ a safe and secure learning environment supports success;
    ▪ we attract and employ highly talented staff who are held to a high standard of accountability; and
    ▪ we are fiscally responsible and good stewards of our resources.


  • Cultivating a culture that honors a tradition of excellence and diversity where learners are respected, valued, inspired, and empowered to reach their full potential in an ever­-changing world.




  • Sycamore Community Schools will provide challenging, inspiring, and engaging educational experiences to equip students with critical skills that promote the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth needed to be highly successful in college and careers and to be productive citizens.