Medication At School

  • Sycamore Community Schools has a Medication Policy that is in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code.

    The policy requires:

    • Medication should not be given at school unless it is absolutely necessary for the health and well-being of the student.
    • A Physician/Dentist Medication Orders Form must be on file at school, signed by a parent/guardian and a physician, before prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication may be administered. It is also needed for students to carry inhalers or Epi-Pens (epinephrine autoinjectors). Any changes in a medication order require a revised statement signed by the physician. If a student does not take a daily scheduled medication for more than 30 days, a new order is required.
    • A new Physician/Dentist Medication Orders Form is required each year for ongoing medication. All medication must be picked up by a parent/guardian at the end of the school year. If it is not picked up, it is discarded.
    • Medication must be in the original container.
    • Students may not transport medication to school.
    • The exception is inhalers or Epi-Pens which, with a completed Physician/Dentist Medication Orders Form, may be transported by a student. Parents are requested to provide a back-up inhaler and are required by law to provide a back-up dose of Epi-Pen.
    • Only the school nurse, a substitute nurse, the principal, or a person designated by the principal, are authorized to administer medication at school. If an Epi-Pen is administered, emergency services will be called.