Special Needs

  • Food and insect allergies, asthma, diabetes, and many more unique conditions present challenges to the health and safety of our students.  Many of these conditions can be potentially life threatening.

    The parents, School Nurse, Child Nutrition Services staff, and other employees of Sycamore Community Schools is committed to working together to provide a safe environment for all students with these conditions. 

    All parents can help ensure the safety of all children by restricting exposure of children in classrooms to animals and keeping latex gloves and balloons out of schools.  When bringing in classroom treats, teachers should be asked if any students have food allergies or diabetes.

    Consideration of healthy food choices that are nutritious and not too high in sugar is appreciated.  Non-food alternatives such as craft activities or prize bags can also be a choice to make classroom parties a healthy celebration.

    Parents of Children with Special Health Needs Should: 

    • Contact the School Nurse prior to the start of school to create a comprehensive plan for the child's care 
    • Communicate to the school nurse changes in health status
    • Identify the child to his or her bus driver and explain the child’s health issue


    • Parents are responsible for communicating any special dietary needs of their child, including food allergies, to the district Child Nutrition Services and School Nurse. 
    • Once the district is notified of a student’s allergies and a signed statement from a physician is provided to the School Nurse detailing the allergy, the district, in compliance with the USDA Child Nutrition Division guidelines, will provide substitute meals to food-allergic students.