Public Participation

  • Board Meeting

    The public is welcome to address the Board of Education with comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns during meetings. There is a public participation section at the beginning of each regular meeting, during which time members of the public may address the Board on topics not included on the agenda. If a topic is listed on the meeting agenda, the Board will discuss that topic and then individuals are welcome to comment on that topic.  Please email questions/ comments about agenda items and public participation requests in advance of the meeting to Beth Weber, Treasurer at

    Participants will be called upon and asked to state their name and address. Comments will be limited to three minutes per person or a total of 15 minutes for each topic. To comply with privacy laws, the Board does not entertain concerns or comments regarding specific individuals during public meetings.

Board Response

  • Occasionally, the Board will respond immediately to questions and comments. However, on most occasions, the Board will instruct the Superintendent or Treasurer to gather more information and report back. Please understand, if a question or comment is not addressed during the meeting, this does not indicate a lack of interest on behalf of the Board, but a desire to gather as much information as possible to respond in the most helpful manner. Those who wish to share comments or concerns with the Board of Education, but do not wish to speak at a meeting, can email the Board at