Student Owned Devices

  • Sycamore Community Schools has a One2One program that provides devices to students in grades 5-12. A student can bring their own device to school. (BYOD)

    A student MUST register the BYOD computer to allow use on the Sycamore Community Schools network. Register Your Device

    A student that brings their own device to school can use the school wireless network by signing in with their Sycamore Community Schools network username and password. The use of student owned devices will be filtered and the Student Acceptable Use Policy is applied to these devices.

    SMART phone technology is NOT considered a BYOD solution.

    Student owned devices will not be permited to be used to take online district achievement tests, state tests or national tests. For these tests, students will use a district provide device during the test.

    For further information or questions regarding using student owned devices at school, please contact William Fritz, Director of Technology