Program Options

  • kindergarteners Sycamore offers both full-day and half-day kindergarten options. Students are placed in a full-day program based on the results of a random lottery held at the end of the school day on Friday, Feb. 25.

    The full-day program tuition for 2022-23 is $3,700. Please contact your school of attendance for information on tuition payment plans. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

    We feel fortunate that we are able to give our families the flexibility to choose between two outstanding programs for their young children. As you know, each child is different. Some children need the all-day routine and are ready for an all-day program. Some children need a half-day option with time for exploration during the other half of the day.

    Both of our programs follow the same curriculum and introduce the same concepts to children. Additionally, our academic expectations are the same for both programs.

    Our full day students do have some additional time for academic centers and exploratory play. The full day students also eat lunch at school and have an additional recess. Our half-day students have one outside playtime a day and, of course, do not eat lunch at school.

    Both full and half-day Kindergarten programs attend "specials" weekly, visiting art, music, physical education and library.

    Both full and half-day programs offer additional services to students who qualify for intervention in reading, speech, or English as a second language.

    The hours for our Kindergarten program vary on the elementary building. However, all full-day students attend approximately 6.5 hours and our half-day students attend school for approximately 3 hours. Please take a look at the K-6 Student Handbook for our current school year schedule and additional information.