Is My Child Ready For Kindergarten?

  • Skills A Child Should Bring to Kindergarten: 

    Social and Self Help Skills

    • Clean up their personal space, including toys and tools
    • Know their first and last names
    • Know how to unpack their backpack and put things in it
    • Takes care of self in the bathroom
    • Put on their coats, button or zip
    • Realize there will be other children in class and they share a teacher’s time
    • Cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing
    • Share materials and toys with others
    • Show concern about fairness
    • Follow two or three part directions, such as “We’re going to put backpacks away, take
    • our folders out and hang up our coats”

    kindergarteners Academic Skills

    • Hold a pencil or crayon and be able to color
    • Hold scissors and be able to cut
    • Print their name
    • Know basic color and simple shapes
    • Understand spatial words such as over, above, beside and in between
    • Work on a task over a period of time
    • Sustain attention for story time and sharing
    • Represent simple objects through drawing
    • Retell a story in sequential order
    • Sort objects in categories
    • Recognize some numbers
    • Be able to count objects up to ten
    • Identify upper and lower case letters