Wellness Policy & Program

  • Sycamore Community Schools has approved of a wellness program and set of guidelines to foster a healthy learning environment.  The wellness program is designed to affect the student's learning environment and could relate to any of the following key areas:

    • In-school nutrition
    • Wellness committee
    • Nutrition promotion & food marketing
    • Employee wellness
    • Health education
    • Physical education & other physical activity programs
    • School health services
    • Counseling, psychological and social services
    • Family and community involvement
    • Social health & safety 

    Building administrators should be communicating to their teachers and parents regarding the guidelines related to food.  See attached for the complete Sycamore Wellness Program and Guidelines.

    Key reminders and helpful information for parents:

    • Parents should not be providing food for other students other than their own (birthday celebrations/at lunch/snack time)
    • Classroom parties should consist of heathy foods/treats
    • Non-food rewards should be used in the classroom by teachers in lieu of candy most often
    • Physical activity breaks are to be encouraged in the classroom throughout the day as time allows
    • Interested in being an ambassador for health and wellness for your school building?  Contact the wellness committee at sycamorewellness@sycamoreschools.org.
    • Please adhere to the food restrictions as many of our students have food allergies and there is a risk of cross contamination.   If there is a classroom party, parents and teachers should refer to the suggested lists for healthier foods/treats and non-food rewards.


  • Click HERE to review the Sycamore Wellness Program and Guidelines for the district.  The goal is to promote a healthy learning environment.  All parents, staff and students are encouraged to find ways to assist in the district's effort to be a healthy learning environment to help all students soar in the classroom and on the athletic field!