ESOL Parent Information

New Student Registration

    • Registration information can be found here.
    • If you require an interpreter for clearer communication, we will provide one free of charge. When you schedule your appointment, please request an interpreter at this time.
    • At the time of registration, students will be placed into the appropriate grade level as designated by birthdate.
    • Click a language to view the School Records Request Form: English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Uzbek 
    • Click a language to view the Emergency Medical Form: English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Uzbek 




Interpreter Services

  • Interpreter services related to communication between parents/guardians and staff of Sycamore Community Schools are provided free of charge. For phone calls and short communications, please request a telephonic interpreter. For in person meetings, please contact your building to schedule the meeting and request that an interpreter be present.

Purpose of Language Screening

  • Federal and State laws require that if a parent or guardian has indicated that a language other than English is spoken in the home by a parent/guardian, student or caregiver; a standardized English Language Proficiency Test must be given.

    Sycamore Community Schools uses the Idea Proficiency Test (IPT) to find out if the student qualifies for English to Speakers of Other Languages services. The IPT screens the student’s English proficiency of following domains: speaking, listening, reading, and/or writing. If the IPT results show the student has limited English proficiency (LEP) the tests will help teachers to decide on the appropriate support for the student and make helpful instructional decisions for the student.

Is My Student Eligible For ESOL Support?

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