Commonly Asked Questions

  • When will my student receive their Google Account credentials and access?

    New Google accounts are automatically created and connected to the student’s school start date. For newly enrolled students in the spring/summer, accounts are typically accessible on or around July 15. During the school year, login information is communicated in your student(s) school.


    Where can I find my student’s student ID number?

    This number was likely communicated on your initial welcome email from Sycamore Schools. The number can also be found within Final Forms (at the top, near student name), after the registration process is completed.


    How does my student change their password?

    Students in grades 5-12 are able to change their password by visiting

    *Note - administrators and staff reserve the right to change student passwords, if/as needed. Students should not assume that their Sycamore Google account is kept private and confidential from Sycamore staff.


    Why can’t my student complete Final Forms?

    Students will need an active Google account in order to login to Final Forms to complete their required signatures and review of forms. These accounts are typically accessible on or around June 1.


    How do I access Parent Portal?

    Visit to login or create an account in Parent Portal. This will allow you to access your students grades and other pertinent information related to your student(s).


    Why is my status “pending” in Parent Portal?

    This approval occurs at the building level. In the summer our front office staff is limited so approvals may occur at a slower rate. If you have additional questions around the approval of a connection in Parent Portal, please contact the front office of your student’s school.


    I have additional questions - what do I do?
    Additional technical assistance can be requested via our technical support by emailing If you have a question more specific to a building or enrollment, please contact your student’s front office or Sycamore District Office.