Career Exposure Opportunities

  • Sycamore High School partners with more than 40 local businesses and organizations. Our goal is to expose students to different professional careers that will help guide them in their post-secondary path. We aim to inform students, saving families time and money, as well as connect local business leaders with the next generation of potential employees. 

    Career Exposure Opportunities may be any of the following:

    • Skill Building Workshops
    • In School Seminar 
    • One Day Snapshot
    • Week Long Experiences
    • In Depth Career Immersion

    Based upon the age, aspirations and experiential requirements that may be involved, students can attend career opportunities. Some opportunities may require an interview and selection process. 

    Any student may participate in career exposure. All interested students must complete an application. This application collects valuable information about the student regarding their goals, availability, and considerations in order to best match them with opportunities. 

    Student Application available here.

    Once a student is matched with an opportunity there may be additional paperwork to complete for on site experiences (One day, Week Long, In Depth). These experiences may take place during a school day, after school, on weekends, during school vacation days or over the summer.

    Students may also take advantage of skill building workshops in the areas of resume writing, Interview skills, and Soft Skill building (workplace etiquette, general occupational and interpersonal skills). These workshops will take place with collaboration with the Sycamore Community School’s Executive Advisory Committee (EAC). Workshops will be offered quarterly throughout each school year.

    At the completion of the internship students are given a follow-up survey to build reflection and self evaluation skills as well as capture their experience to help build a stronger program for future Sycamore students. Additionally, the business or organization contact will be asked to reflect upon their experience with our Sycamore student(s) as well as we work to build strong partnerships within our community. 

    A list of companies that have expressed interest in working with SHS students is listed below. Companies interested in developing a partnership with our students may complete this form or contact Chelsea Rose or Ashwin Corattiyil at Sycamore High School.