Forms and Financial Information

  • Please use the following forms to submit requests for reimbursement or to make a deposit from PTO event.

  • Reimbursement:
    Complete this Reimbursement Form or use the QR code below as quickly as possible to receive your reimbursement.

    Reimbursement QR:
    Scan to access reimbursement form via google forms.


    • As a tax exempt organization, the PTO cannot reimburse for tax. However, tax-exempt forms are available from the treasurer. Most businesses will accept tax costs.
    • PTO Chairpersons will receive a budget.
    • Chairpersons are expected to stay within their budget. Money spent over the budget cannot be reimbursed without the permission of a board liaison. Chairs who think they may to spend over budget should notify their board liaison immediately.

Returned Check Policy

  • Any checks written to the Sycamore HS PTO that are returned by the bank for any reason, result in a $15 bank fee charged to the PTO. The PTO must have the check amount plus the $15 bank fee repaid in cash within two weeks of notice to cover both the original check amount plus the bank fee. If the amount is still outstanding after two weeks, all committee chairs will be given the name of the individual and instructions to not accept any future checks. The HS PTO regrets having to take this action, but a lack of response leaves us with no choice. We must be good stewards of the PTO's money.

    If you have any questions, please contact the HS PTO Treasurer at: