Credit Flex

  • Ohio's Plan for Credit Flexibility is designed to broaden the scope of curricular options available to students, increase the depth of study possible for a particular subject, and allow tailoring of learning time and/or conditions.

    Students may now earn credits by:

    • completing coursework;
    • testing out of or demonstrating mastery of course content;
    • pursuing one or more educational options (e.g., online/distance learning, dual enrollment, educational travel, independent study, internships, music, arts, after-school programs, community service, or other individualized projects).

    Credit Flexibility is intended to motivate and increase student learning by allowing:

    • access to more learning resources, especially real-world experiences;
    • customization around individual student needs; and/or
    • use of multiple measures of learning, especially those where students demonstrate what they know and can do, apply their learning, or document performance.

Credit Flex Overview

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Application Information

Dual Enrollment

  • Dual enrollment provides the ability for stduents to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously in a traditional high school class. Dual enrollment may be offered at reduced college/university tuition, which students can take to college or as articulated credit available at no cost and applicable to specific courses at post-secondary institutions.