Aves Academy

  • aves academy In an effort to meet the needs of a diverse student body, Sycamore High School offers a progressive educational program called Aves Academy to help high school students who experience difficulty with a traditional high school setting due to social or academic concerns, attendance issues or medical reasons, among others.

    Students enrolled in Aves Academy are presented with a variety of options to help them meet their academic goals and continue to be linked to services, such as counseling, that are essential to their success. 

    Staff members also work with students to help them stay connected to extracurricular groups they wish to be a part of during their high school years. In addition, Aves Academy holds “town meetings” so students can build rapport and relationships with their teachers and other Aves Academy students. 

    Students interested in Aves Academy are encouraged to speak with their high school counselor or the Aves Academy Coordinator, Mr. Mark Weigel, at (513) 686-1779. 

Who is an Aves Academy Student?

    • A student taking control of his or her educationgraduate
    • A student who is more successful in a non-traditional setting
    • A student with medical, social or emotional concerns
    • A student needing a more flexible schedule, i.e. a competitive athlete or musician
    • A student who is a non-graduate working toward graduation