Project Requests

  • Project grants are the process the PTO uses to help fund staff/parent/student project requests. The majority of the revenue that the PTO realizes comes from parent and staff PTO memberships and from the Aves Hangar Bookstore & Spirit Shop proceeds. This Operating Fund account is used to fund staff appreciation events, student recognition, various hospitality activities, and the project fund.   The Senior Class Committee, Odd Couples and After Prom committees are all self-funded through special fundraisers and donations coordinated by those committees, and as such receive minimal if any funding from the PTO Operating Fund.

The Process

  • School year 2017-2018 project request forms will be available on September 15 and are due on October 6, 2017. Once project requests are collected, the VP and treasurer of the PTO will meet with Mr. Mader to review. During this review, Mr. Mader may identify other potential funding.  Then the Project Committee of the PTO will meet to verify that remianing requests meet the PTO guidelines. This committee will make final recommendations which will be presented on November 10, 2017 at the general PTO meeting, and formally approved at the January 19, 2018 general PTO meeting. You will be informed of the status of your request shortly after that.


  • The SHS PTO Standing Rules dictate the guidelines for Project request review:

    • Sycamore High School students, student organizations, faculty and staff members, faculty and staff organizations, administrators, PTO members, and PTO committee chairs may submit requests for Projects Funds.
    • Faculty, staff, and parents must be a member of the PTO in order to submit a request.  Membership fees may be paid at the time the request is submitted.
    • Preference will be given to requests from departments without associated Booster groups (e.g. Athletic Boosters, SBOB, Theater Boosters, or Vocal Boosters).
    • Projects Funds will not be used for purchases of food, travel expenses, professional fees, field trips, and gift cards for students of staff.
    • Projects Funds will be used for one-time expenses, and not for ongoing, annual expenses. An exception is made for a pilot program, which may be funded from the Projects budget for one year and then from other sources if approved as an ongoing program.
    • The district technology department must review all requests for technology purchases before approval of Projects Funds.
    • The PTO Treasurer submits all final Projects Expenses to the District Treasurer, with a copy to the SHS Treasurer, for inclusion in school board financial reports.

    In addition to the Standing Rules, the Project Committee traditionally shows preference to project requests that benefit the majority of SHS students/staff and those submitted by SHS PTO members.

    If this item is Technology, hardware or software, a District Hardware/Software Purchase Request Form must be completed. Please indicate on the form that you are requesting from the PTO and we will contact Bill Fritz for feedback on the proposals.

Spending project money once granted

  • In all cases, you will need to complete a SHS PTO Request for Payment Form

    In all cases, please remember that we are a tax exempt organization and CANNOT reimburse for sales tax.  Please use our tax exempt form if making purchases. (email VP, Mary Tyler for form)

    Please remember to include Shipping & Handling Costs in your estimated request, as this can add considerably to your total amount requested.

    • If the company you are purchasing from can bill the PTO, please complete the Request for Payment form to alert the treasurer that the bill will be arriving.
    • Another option is for you to purchase the item/materials and then submit receipts with the Request for Payment to our treasurer, Susan Mihlbachler.
    • There may be other options to cover payment.  Please contact PTO treasurer with any questions.
    • Approved funds must be spent by March 28. Funds not used by March 28 will be forfeited. 
    • Any questions concerning billing or payment may be directed to the SHS PTO treasurer, Susan Mihlbachler.