High School Credit

  • Math and Foundations of Art courses that are taken at the Junior High for high school credit will be permanently recorded on the high school transcript and will not be eligible for removal at a later date.

    These courses include:

    • Algebra I Honors
    • Algebra I Accelerated
    • Foundations of Art
    • Geometry Accelerated

    In addition, Global language classes are high school level courses, open to all students and are recommended for anyone interested in attending college. However, students who require additional supports in reading or math will not be placed in a global language course.

    Students who complete a Novice I or Novice II course will automatically receive high school credit and a grade on the high school transcript. This grade and credit can be removed from the high school transcript if requested by the students by the end of first semester of their junior year.

    Please see our course planners for more detailed information on these courses.