Course Adjustment

  • In an effort to provide students with opportunities that match demonstrated ability and achievement, teachers recommend certain courses and levels during the scheduling process. When a student chooses to take a course other than the one recommended by the teacher, it is critical for the student and parents to evaluate the pros and cons of the change and the demands of the new course before making a change. Parents are encouraged to contact the student’s current teacher in the subject area for input before making any change.  To obtain a course adjustment, a course adjustment form must be completed and returned to school on or before April 10th during the spring scheduling process. Any forms turned in past this date will not be eligible for consideration.

    All CAR forms can be emailed directly to your child's counselor.

    Mr. Brenner A-G

    Mrs. Suter H-N

    Mrs. Morris O-Z and ESOL

Course Adjustment Forms