• Sycamore Junior High students have the opportunity to demonstrate their progress as part of the schedule for federally and state-mandated standardized testing. Learn more about Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and Ohio's State Tests in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science now.



  • Sycamore Junior High also participates in the Midwest Academic Talent Search sponsored by the Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University. CTD uses both the ACT and SAT tests to give families information on student’s abilities and educational achievement, beyond information generated by regular standardized and state testing. Results are reported relative to both the total test population (including high school students) and relative to MATS students only.

    Sycamore students who qualify for the accelerated/gifted courses may consider MATS testing. Learn more about qualifying by visiting the district's Gifted Education section.

    NUMATS Handout for Sycamore JH Students 2020-21