• What is Overgrad
    Overgrad is a free platform that helps students and parents plan for life after high school. Students are able to find colleges and careers that match with their academic abilities and interests, understand the requirements needed to get there, and then have tools to track their progress towards meeting those requirements over time.

    How can my student(s) use Overgrad?
    Sycamore High School students will be (re)introduced to Overgrad within the first few weeks of the school year. Students will use their Sycamore Google account to access Overgrad. Students can access Overgrad on any device with a web browser—including chromebooks, laptops, phones, tablets, and PC’s.

    How can parents/guardians use Overgrad?
    Parents are now able to create their own accounts, allowing them to partner with their child and monitor their academic progress over time. To create a parent account, simply visit overgrad.com/join and sign up as a parent. Then you can add your child/children to get started.

    Where do I go if I have questions?

    • Overgrad information will be shared at our grade level parent meetings listed on the district calendar.
    • Overgrad Parent Resource page: https://goo.gl/n6V1Bm.
    • If questions cannot be addressed by above resources, please email Chelsea Rose or Megan Brenner.
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Overgrad - For Parents

Overgrad - College Match & Planning