Senior Class 2021 Events

  • Each year Sycamore seniors get to enjoy a few activities that are planned and executed by parent volunteers. All of these are self-funded - we get no money from the district or the school. We would normally have had a meeting last April in conjunction with the administration to let everyone know what to expect senior year and - more importantly for our mission here - to let you know of volunteer opportunities and, of course, ask for money. The activities that occur for the seniors start before Day 1 (when we decorate the entrance door) and continue throughout the year. These activities would normally include a cookout lunch within the first week or so of school, Halloween Parade, Senior Night at Main Event and Launch Day, to name a few. Obviously some of these events will have to be altered, pared down, postponed or eliminated due to COVID restrictions. But we are working with the administration to do as much as possible for our senior class.

  • Volunteer

    We need volunteers! There are some activities that will definitely occur and the sooner we can get people in place the better. One important job is putting together the Senior Slide Show that is shown at the end of the school year. This person will collect and compile photos sent electronically throughout the year. There will be a separate post soon with guidelines for submitting photos. If you are interested in heading up the Slide Show please email ASAP.

    Another important activity is the Halloween Parade, currently scheduled for Oct 30th. We need someone to head up preparing candy bags and gift card packages. Please email ASAP.

    These are additional activities for which we need volunteers - each will need a chairperson and possibly a few people to help. If you have any questions let us know.  No dates are definite for these activities yet. We may also put out a call at various times for baked goods, food items, bottled water, etc. Please let us know via email if you’d like to be in a “general pool” of volunteers.

    Senior Night at Main Event - date TBD (usually right before Christmas)
    Counselor Appreciation Lunch - date TBD (usually in March)
    Yard Signs - date TBD (usually late April)
    Launch Day - date TBD (usually early May)
    Ice Cream treats - coincides with Launch Day
    Senior Picnic - date TBD (usually early/mid May)

    Check Class of 2021 FaceBook page, or Aviator Update for information throughout the year.

How to help...

  • Donate

    We are asking for a donation of $40 per senior student to cover the costs of these activities. For each donation of $40 made before 9/30 you will receive a Class of 2021 face mask. Additional masks are available to purchase for $10. You are, of course, welcome to make a donation in any amount above $40. Since we cannot predict which activities will be permitted - or to what extent - we all have to be as flexible as possible.

    We may need additional funding from parents later in the school year or we may have money left over. If that is the case, we will make a plan to use those funds for a senior gift to the school or perhaps a reunion at some point after graduation. We apologize for the uncertainty … but it’s a sign of the times. We’ll be using this page, the PTO website and S’MORE to convey information and we're hoping the seniors - whether in face to face classes or online or off-campus locations - will get to have a great year!

    (click "donate" button above and input the amount you would like to give.  If you would prefer to write a check, please email

Photos needed!

  • We're putting out a call for photographs that will be used in the Senior Slide Show just prior to graduation. The goal is to include every senior! We cannot guarantee that all photos sent in will be used. Submissions can be made by anyone, so long as they adhere to the following parameters:

    - photos should be of members of the class of 2021 only
    - photos can be from school events, classes, sports, clubs and hanging out
    - photos are from senior year only - July 2020 through April 2021
    - photos should be of groups - no single person photos (this has been true in the past, but given social distancing guidelines this may not be practical
    - photos must be in good taste (this is still true 😀)
    - if possible, in the body of the email, please include the names of students in all photos

    Submit photos to with the subject "Slide Show."

Planned Events

  • Schedule Pick up is Aug 27th 7:30am to 3:30pm. 
    Seniors with last names beginning with A-K should report to school at 8:00am on Sept 3rd
    Seniors with last names beginning with L-Z should report to school at 8:00am on Sept 4th

    Graduation is scheduled for May 30th at 11:00am at the Cintas Center. (FINGERS CROSSED)