Odd Couples



    $20 per person

Odd Couples 2023 - Western Style

  • SADDLE UP - The Odd Couples Dance - Saturday, March 11th - Grab your flannels, overalls, cowboy hats and boots and get ready to get down!

    Daughters take their Dads, Sons take their Moms... or some other combination of parent/mentor/student attendance! The idea is for the teens and parents to enjoy a dance together.

    2023 Odd Couples Dance:

    • Saturday, March 11 7:30 pm  - 10:30 pm - Sycamore High School
    • Tickets are $20/person - buy tickets online through hometown ticketing
    • Beats by DJ MONET (we know it's western-themed but music will span many genres!)
    • Snacks and Treats - no sit down dinner as in years past - grab a friend-group and have dinner out before the dance!
    • Featuring a few other fun activities off the dance floor

    For more information or to volunteer, contact co-chairs Kathy Mercurio at kathymercurios@fuse.net and Joanna Wolfenberger at joannawolf@gmail.com.