Paperwork to submit

  • Please READ ALL of these files!  The After School Permission Form can go to your child's teacher on the first Workshop day - January 9. 
    Print, complete and bring the Student Size form and the Emergency Contact form to your student's audition on January 18 or 19.  The student contract can be turned in at our first rehearsals on January 23 and 25.

  • During the Workshop Days on January 9 & 11, students will rotate between singing, dancing and speaking sessions.  The sessions will focus on material from the show that students will use in auditions. We will play the Music tracks WITHOUT words for the singing portion of the audition3

    SCRIPT sides and song - Each student will receive these papers in the workshop.  If misplaced, the file is here!  All students will have the opportunity to audition with Script 1, 2, or 3.  Those wanting a lead acting role may want to memorize either monologue (script #4 and #5)!

    SINGING:  All students will sing Under the Sea together in their audition.  Those that want a lead role should plan to sing Under the Sea or any of the other music selections by themselves!

    Tracks WITH words:  Practice first with these tracks.
    Under the Sea         Part of Your World        Fathoms Below           Poor Unfortunate Souls  

    Tracks WITHOUT words:  Once you know the music, practice singing with these tracks.  This is what will be played in auditions.
    Under the Sea         Part of Your World        Fathoms Below           Poor Unfortunate Souls

    DANCE Audition Video:  Les Poissons  Watch these videos to practice your moves at home.  Watch the FRONT VIEW to remember what your hands and face are doing.  Dance along to the BACK VIEW to make sure you are going the correct direction and using the correct hands and feet!

    Les Poissons music track - See if you can do the choreography by just listening to this track (without watching Mrs. Bethune!).
    We will play this music track with words for dancing in the audition.