Credit Flexibility

  • What is Credit Flexibility?

    Credit Flexibility (Credit Flex) is the customizing of educational delivery to the learning styles and interests of individual students. Students show what they know and move on to higher-order content they are ready to learn and have not yet mastered. They learn subject matter and earn course credit in ways not limited solely to “seat time” or the walls of a school building. They customize aspects of their learning around their interests and needs, which might include flexible schedules and a choice of modalities (e.g., online learning, work-based learning and community-based projects), as well as options to pursue niche interest areas, combine subjects and graduate early.

    What Options are Available?

    Credit flexibility reaches beyond earning traditional course credit to allowing credit to be earned towards graduation curriculum requirements through experiences meaningful to individual students. Options are outlined in the Credit Flex Handbook linked below.

    Earning Credit & Grades

    After successful completion of credit flexibility, credit will be added to the high school transcript in the same way as traditional credits are seen. 

    Application Process

    Step 1: Read through the Credit Flex Handbook.

    Step 2: Complete the Electronic Application to submit to the credit flex administrator. 

    • Both you and your parent/guardian must sign the application to show understanding of the guidelines.
    • As part of the application, you will be asked to provide the following:
      • Amount of credit requested
      • Credit flex option requesting
      • Description of plan
      • Supporting documentation (if appropriate)

    Step 3: If approved, start working through your plan. If not approved, the application may be revised and resubmitted.

    Step 4: After completing the work, a final grade and/or credit will be assigned based on the agreed provisions in the approved credit flex plan.