Credit Flex

  • Ohio's Plan for Credit Flex is designed to broaden the scope of curricular options available to students, increase the depth of study possible for a particular subject, and allow tailoring of learning time and/or conditions.  Credit Flex provides options for students with high school standing to earn graduation credits through alternative ways outside of regularly scheduled classes. All Credit Flex options must be generated and planned by students according to the provisions and process outlined in the Sycamore Credit Flex Handbook.

    • Students may now earn credits by:
      • Taking online courses through an accredited university or college.
      • Proving mastery of a course content through mastery assessment.
      • Crafting an individual plan for independent study, internships/field experiences, or educational travel.  

    Students interested in any of these three options must complete the Credit Flex Application.

    • Credit Flex is intended to motivate and increase student learning by allowing:
      • Access to more learning resources, especially real-world experiences;
      • Customization around individual student needs; and/or
      • Use of multiple measures of learning, especially those where students demonstrate what they know and can do, apply their learning, or document performance.