Master Facility Planning

  • master facility planning Sycamore Community Schools is making plans to enhance our 21st-century learning environments for current students and future generations. The district is developing a Master Facility Plan that includes feedback from students, families, staff, and the community.

    Master facility plans are typically informed by enrollment projections, facility assessments, and operational realities. While the district is taking these factors into account, Sycamore Schools recognizes that a complete master plan should also anticipate the emerging educational needs of its students and staff.

    In 2016, the district embarked on a multi-phase process that includes assessment, community engagement, and educational visioning. A Master Facility Steering Committee, comprised of district administrators and Board members, was established to guide the process.

WATCH: Master Facility Concept Testing

  • Please watch our Master Facility Concept Testing presentation below. The survey at the end of the presentation is now closed.

Concept Testing Presentation