Sycamore Difference Makers Nominations

  • Sycamore High School is filled with an incredible staff, which provides support to students in many meaningful ways. They are “The Difference Makers"…those who support you in your journey toward independence and adulthood.  Please reflect on a staff member who has made a difference in your life, and consider whom on the Sycamore High School Staff you would like to honor.  It can be any staff member: teacher, counselor, administrator, custodian, etc. 

    The nominated teacher/staff member will be invited to the lunch and will receive their nomination form then. Students do not attend the lunch.  The nomination form is only seen by the nominated teacher and the Sycamore Difference Makers Committee.

    *Each student may nominate up to TWO staff members (please fill out a separate form for each nominee).

    *Fill out both pages of this form completely.  You may be contacted for verification.

    *Enclose these forms in an envelope labeled: Sycamore Difference makers Award/PTO

    *Deadline for 2021 will be posted at a later date.