State AIR Tests / End of Course (EOC) Exams

  • For each of the seven end-of-course state tests (also referred to as AIR tests), a student earns one to five graduation points based on their performance level. Students have the potential to earn a total of 35 points. To meet this graduation pathway, a student must earn a minimum number of 18 points from the seven tests.

    This graduation pathway gives a student flexibility in accumulating 18 points. A high score on one test can balance a low score on another test. A student must earn a total of at least four points on English tests, four points on math tests and six points on science and social studies tests.


    Spring 2020 AIR / EOC Testing Schedule

    April 7th = ELA II Part 1

    April 9th = ELA II Part 2

    April 15th = Biology Part 1 & 2

    April 16th = AH & GOV Part 1 & 2

    April 21st = Alg I & Geo Part 1

    April 23rd = Alg I & Geo Part 2

Performance Level & Graduation Point Conversion