• Blue Ash PTO Fundraising Opportunites


    There are several ways you can help support Blue Ash Elementary through things you do on a regular basis, such as shopping at Kroger, or eating out during one of our restaurant nights. Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to help in our fundraising opportunities.  These funds help our PTO offset costs of our Family Dance,  Donuts with Grownups, field trips, staff grants, staff appreciation activities, technology costs, and other events that directly benefit our children, families, and school.




    Kroger Community Rewards is one of the easiest ways to help our PTO.  Just link your Kroger Plus Card to the Blue Ash Elementary PTO and every time you shop the PTO gets a little kickback!


    • Obtain a digital Kroger Plus Card when creating an account online or at any Kroger store.
    • Link your card at www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com.
    • You must have a registered Kroger Plus card account online to link your card to Blue Ash Elementary.

    IF YOU DO HAVE A KROGER PLUS CARD, go to www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com

    • If you are a new online Kroger.com customer, click the “Create an Account” button
    • You will need to enter your email address, create a password, enter your zip code, click on favorite store, and agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Once you are done entering your information, you will get a message asking you to check your email inbox and click on the link within the body of the email that was sent to activate your Kroger account.
    • If you already have an online Kroger account, selecting the organization that you wish to support is as simple as updating the Community Rewards selection on your digital account.

      1. Sign in to your digital account.
      2. Go here to search for your organization
      3. Enter the name or NPO number of the organization that you wish to support.
      4. Select the appropriate organization from the list and click “Save.”
    • Once you are linked, you can start earning rewards immediately toward the organization you are supporting. (Note: The message saying that you are supporting an organization through the Kroger Community Rewards program will start printing on your receipt about 10 business days after you linked your card.)