• Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with our recording on March 8.  We apologize for this error.  This recording includes the Principal's report and part of Mrs. Zelvy's presentation.  During the general PTO meeting we approved to move additional $21,000 into our projects account.  Then we approved that up to $1500 of the projects account to be spent on organizat bins etc for After Prom/Odd Couples Decoration.  We also approved for $5000 to be moved from the projects account into the Equity account for the PTO scholarships.  The additional projects will be approved at next months meeting. The minutes from the March 8 meeting are posted here 

  • February recording you will find it as a second segment to the January recording.  Click the play arrow to start listening to January, then click the double arrow that will appear in the middle of the box.  Then you will hear the February recording!

  • A note about the podcast:  Our meetings are casual and enjoyable.  Please excuse the laughter and side comments :)  Also, at this time it looks like recording can only be 60 minutes long.  This will always get you the principal report and counselor report, but the PTO reports may be cut off before they are over.  If you have any quesitons about things that happened at the meeting, please contact hspto@sycamoreschools.org.

    You can find the current month agenda and financial reports here.