Great Oaks

  • High school students residing in participating school districts may attend Scarlet Oaks (or any Great Oaks campus) and earn certification in a career field as well as college credit while completing their high school requirements. Students attending Great Oaks receive a high school diploma from their home school and participate in their high school’s graduation ceremony.

    Students at Scarlet Oaks use labs, equipment, and tools that are used in industry. For instance, Surgical Technology students learn to handle surgical instruments, Automotive Technology students use computerized diagnostic equipment, Web Applications students use the latest software, and so on.

    Daily transportation is provided to and from the Scarlet Oaks campus. Students who wish to enroll at Laurel Oaks (Wilmington), Diamond Oaks (Dent), or Live Oaks (Milford) should see a counselor for more information. Students attending Great Oaks may participate in all home school extra-curricular activities if scheduling and transportation can be arranged. Attendance at Great Oaks is free for high school students.

    Applicants should be on track to earn at least the following minimum core academic credits by the end of their sophomore year:

    • 2 English credits
    • 2 Math credits
    • 1-2 Science credit(s) Minimum Science Credit(s) is determined by affiliated school
      graduation requirements
    • 1-2 Social Studies credit(s) Minimum Social Studies Credit(s) is determined by
      affiliated school graduation requirements



  • Would I still be a Sycamore Student?  Yes! All Hamilton county public high schools partner with the Great Oaks to offer programs that we aren’t able to offer in our individual buildings. While you attend classes at the specific Oaks campus, Sycamore is considered your “home school”. 

    Which campus can I attend?  Any of the four campuses. Most Sycamore students attend Scarlet Oaks as it is the closest to SHS. There are some programs only offered at the specific locations so when that happens, students may chose to attend that campus. 

    How do classes work?  Sycamore students attend their Great Oaks campus for the full day. Half the day is dedicated to the lab with the other half of the day is for academics. 

    What about activities, sports, music?  You’re still a Sycamore student and can participate in all of our extracurricular activities. We have students attending the Oaks in Marching Band, on sports teams, and in various clubs. 

    What about transportation?  Sycamore provides transportation to and from the different locations for those that need it. Students may also choose to drive themselves. There is no parking pass that needs to be purchased at the Oaks. 

    How does the bus work?  Students catch their normal bus to the HS in the morning. They will then switch to the bus that goes to Scarlet or Live Oaks. Our students attending Laurel will ride the Live Oaks bus and then there will be a shuttle from Live to Laurel. The way home is a little different because of timing. Students catch the Sycamore bus from their campus. That bus will take students to the junior high where they will catch another bus to ride home. 

What is Career Tech Education (CTE)?

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