Phase II: Community Engagement

  • During the Fall of 2017, the Board of Education hired SHP Leading Design to assist Sycamore Schools in developing a conceptual master plan that is cost-effective and meets the long-term educational needs of the district. The firm was selected after district officials interviewed several strong teams of design officials. Leading the project for SHP Leading Design is Charlie Jahnigen, a 1995 Sycamore graduate.

    The district began receiving input from students, staff, and families in January 2018 as Phase II of the process. The information gathered in Phase I was presented as part of the Community Engagement phase. The district held 20 community meetings, small group gatherings through the Spring of 2018. Over 347 respondents provided feedback. This feedback provided will be a crucial component in the decision-making process as to whether the district renovates or replaces any of its facilities.

    If you were not able to attend one of our Spring sessions, you can still see the presentation by watching the video below. We have also included a report on the feedback received below. 


WATCH: May 1, 2018 Community Engagement Session

Community Engagement Report

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