9th Grade Starting Strong

  • Here are a few key tips we feel are important to student success in high school:

    • Build Relationships. Build relationships with your teachersadministrators, and counselor in the building by communicating your needs, goals, and plans with them. 
    • Focus on grades. Develop strong study habits and practice them often. 
    • Advocate for yourself. Get help when you need it. Ask questions, meet with teachers before/after class, and stay after school for FOCUS/after school homework help. All of these are ways to bolster your understanding of class concepts and will help your academic success. 
    • Get Connected & Involved. Join a club, activity, or sport at SHS. Meet others that share similar interests. Learn more about yourself and grow as a person.
    • Communicate with family. Talk often with your family about the various opportunities in high school, in the community, and after high school. 

    During the freshman year, an emphasis is placed on the importance of the high school curriculum and exploring interests through extracurricular experiences.

    Each year, we hold an evening meeting with families to discuss how to guide students to success during the 9th grade year. The presentations and handouts from that event can be viewed below.  

Presentation Video - November 2020