Guiding Principles

  • The Synnovation Lab has a couple of guiding principles, like Mastery Based grading and Project Based Learning, but our foundation is:


    Do the apps on your phone look the same as your friends and family?  Probably not.  You have made it your own so it works best for you.  The student need to learn about Math, History, Science, and English and we work like all teachers to get to know each student, their interests, their strengths, their areas of growth, their future goals and work to make school fit towards their needs and goals.

    This is seen in a choice project in Government or in the courses they choose.  It could be giving them the opportunity to take leadership in SYNC or seek academic help from a mentor.  It is choice reading.  It is knowing when there are games, tests, and personal struggles.  It is using examples and language that fits the interests and ability of the student.

    The student is the core of the Synnovation Lab experience--getting them ready for a successful life after high school and beyond.




    What if we could create a learning environment where students can gain the benefits of a rigorous learning environment along with the vibrant social dynamic that exists in a band, choir, sports team, or club?

    Our students are in the Synnovation Lab for on average of 4 or 5 hours a day which allows for closer relationships between students as well as between students and teachers.  We have an internal student government, SYNC to help organize acitivies and take ownership of the learning environment.  We have Teacher Teams that will be used more and more for culture building and competition.  We have Friendsgiving, College Day, Field Day and other community events.

    A diverse community of learners allows us to meet people who have different backgrounds, learn from each other, and lean on each other.  

    Meaningful Learning Opportunities

    There are foundational things that every student has to learn before they graduate high school.  There are also things that every student SHOULD learn before they leave high school and we think these are possibly more important.

    Present before an authentic audience.  Watch a live trial downtown at the Court House.  Visit a college.  Ask for help.  Become a mentor.  Research an authentic problem.  Take ownership for your daily plan.  Learn how to fail and ask for help.  Begin to discover your interests, hobbies, passion, and purpose.  Give back.  Launch a potato.  Learn how to learn.   

    These aren't accidents in the Synnovation Lab, they are embedded in our purposeful practice.