• FAQ about Exam Week:
    Do the students know where they stand?
    Yes, the students SHOULD be aware, but this week the teachers made a document on individual student progress across all courses as a way to predict how/when students will finish for the semester and the students have been asking Coach Ray to see it.  This has led to some realization about where students are and what they need to do.
    Will I know if they will need to stay?
    Yes, we will email a progress report to inform all parties about where each student stands in all of their Lab classes.  That will give students a week or two to make some progress between the interim and our report.
    How will they eat lunch and get home during exam week?
    They should pack their lunch and arrange transportation as the buses leave at 11 am on exam days.
    Once they are done with all of their classwork for the semester and the exam, what do they do?
    Go home!  We have a number of students that will ONLY need to take outside exams and should be able to start Winter Break early.
    If they don't finish by the end of the exam week, what happens?
    They will continue working on that work in January until they finish.  Their semester grade/exam will be reported as "Incomplete" and changed to their letter grade once they finish.  Our goal is to save "incomplete" for students who are struggling with content, not a failure in prioritizing work.  As we conference with students we ask them about how they plan their day, what gets them off task, how much work they are doing at home, etc.  
    What are the teachers/staff doing to help?
    We communicate as groups and individually.  We are helping them develop daily and weekly plans and encouraging them to be purposeful in their use of time.  We help them move their seats and share their progress with their parents and counselor.  With some, we hold meetings as a teacher team and some with parents as well.
    What can I, as a parent, do to help?
    Ask them about their plan to finish!  That should include a long-term plan, a weekly plan, and their daily/bell plan.  Encourage them to work at home--just like when my wife doesn't finish all of her work in the office, she takes some home.