• How do I track my student's progress?

    We have a number of tools to help students track progress and to keep parents in the loop. We believe in student ownership of learning, so making the student responsible for knowing where they are, what they need to do, and how to get it done is paramount to a successful process.

    1. Schoology--This is our platform where students access the curriculum, teachers put in grades, and parents can see what assignments there are, what has been completed, what the grades were, and what is left for the semester.  The teachers communicate with the students what unit they should be on to be able to finish on time for the semester.  For example, if a student just took their Unit 3 math test and the teacher said they should be in Unit 2, they are ahead of pace.
    2. Weekly Progress Updates (for teachers and support staff)-- As a team, we are dedicated to making sure all parties are involved in a child's education.  Each week our Personalization team will run a data pull from Schoology to track the progress of our students.  Students who are falling behind, missing work, or below mastery will show up on our data.  Our student support team as well as teachers will connect with students (and parents if needed) to make sure everyone is on the same page.  Executive Functioning Skills will be introduced at this point to help students learn how to manage their time, their work, and their social environment to the fullest of their abilities.
    3. Exam Ready Emails--  Before the end of the semester, the Lab will send out a personalized email with the status of the student's mastery of content:  On Pace or Behind Pace.  These emails are intended to make sure all parties know where their student stands in terms of their learning.