Back to School 2020 Planning and COVID-19


    The Sycamore Board of Education has given the Pandemic Planning Task Force permission to move forward with the continued development of our Healthy Back to School 2020 Reopening Plan. 


    The Healthy Back to School 2020 Reopening Plan cares for our students and staff, especially those most vulnerable, prioritizes student learning, ensures effective teaching and instruction, while allowing the district to operate efficiently, effectively, and responsibly. We realize that the district must be nimble, flexible, and responsive to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff. 


    The recommendation presented today to the Board and nearly 300 staff and community members who attended virtually gives all of our K-12 families two options for the return of school:

    1. Sycamore Online Academy
      • Students will receive free virtual instruction five days a week in a bell schedule format
      • Sycamore teachers will instruct the online academy
      • Rich, digital curriculum aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards and Sycamore’s curriculum maps
      • Online Academy will follow all district-approved policies, including student privacy and grading scale
    2. Face-to-Face Learning
      • Students attend school in person five days a week
      • School day schedules will be modified to accommodate precautionary measures, including social distancing, frequent handwashing, and sanitation of spaces.
      • Facial coverings will be required for all K-12 students and staff during the school day and on the bus, with exceptions


    The framework for our Healthy Back to School 2020 Reopening Plan is being directed by recommendations and guidelines from the following sources:

    • American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
    • Center for Disease Control (CDC)
    • Ohio Department of Health
    • Ohio Department of Education
    • State of Ohio Governor’s Office
    • Hamilton County Public Health
    • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center Infectious Disease Division
    • Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
    • 1N5, Sycamore’s local non-profit mental health partner
    • Local Superintendent Task Force
    • Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA)

    The Pandemic Planning Task Force is considering every potential adjustment that can be made to the school day to increase safety and mandate or promote healthy practices. This includes modifications to transportation, lunch, recess, extracurriculars, transitions, and schedules. The team is also fine-tuning our protocols for daily health self assessments, response to potential exposure or positive COVID-19 cases in our schools as well as plans for return to an  extended closure if necessary. We will also continue to be sensitive with our staff and work with them to address their concerns with return to work.

    Full details of the plan will be shared with you after our Board takes action next week. To view today’s presentation to the Board, please click here. The district intends to soon ask families to commit to one of the two above options for the Fall semester and services such as transportation. 

    Regardless of which option you choose for your child(ren) this Fall, we are excited to welcome them back to a new approach to learning. We appreciate your patience and support as we carefully consider how to best protect our students and staff, while continuing to provide opportunities for academic excellence. 



Healthy Back to School 2020 Reopening Plan

  • The Pandemic Planning Task Force presented Sycamore Schools' Healthy Back to School 2020 Reopen Plan during the July 9 Special Board of Education Meeting. The Board has given the district permission to move forward with these plans pending official approval on July 15, 2020. Please review the presentation and look for more information coming soon.

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