Student Employment & Work Permits

  • Student Employment

    Per Ohio law, work permits are required for all students under the age of 18 who want to work during the school year. Students who are 14-15 years old must have permits to work any time.

    To receive a work permit, a student must complete an application form, obtain approvals from their potential employers and from parents or legal guardians; provide a birth certificate to show proof of age; and, a current (within one year) physician's signed and time-stamped certificate. 

    Information from Ohio Department of Commerce about Minor Work Permits  

    Note: Hour restrictions outlined in Ohio Revised Code Section 4109 remain in place for minors during any week that was not a pre-planned school holiday, such as Spring Break, and the prohibited and hazardous occupation restrictions also still are active for minors during this closure.

    How to get a Minor Work Permit

    1. Download and print the Minor Work Permit application form (Ohio calls it a "pre-application") to gather necessary information and approvals from potential employers and parents or legal guardians. 
    2. Return the completed application and required documents to Carol Wolkoff at or call 513-686-1770 ext. 3007 to make an appointment for a work permit.