• Virtual Classroom FAQs

    When do I need to submit my registration form for Virtual Classroom Learning?

    The initial deadline for the registration for both models is Thursday, July 30 at 11:59 p.m.

    Will the virtual classroom curriculum be the same as the face-to-face curriculum?

    Yes, teachers will be utilizing our Sycamore curriculum maps and resources in both models.

    How will virtual classroom learning be different in 2020-2021 compared to what Sycamore offered in the spring of 2020?

    • Attendance will be taken daily
    • Students will have a daily learning schedule 
    • Students will be actively engaged in learning new content
    • Student learning will be assessed formatively and summatively
    • Students will receive grades per the district grading scale
    • Teachers will engage with students daily
    • Teachers will monitor student progress to ensure students are learning and progressing successfully through the standards
    • Virtual Classrooms will be monitored to ensure student engagement and curricular alignment, similar to the process in a face to face teaching environment
    • To ensure educational equity, Virtual Classroom ‘walk-throughs’ by an administrator or instructional expert will occur, similar to the process in a face to face teaching environment
    • Live streaming of classes will be considered as an option where appropriate, such as with unique courses at the HS

    Will students have to change elective course selections?

    This is a remote possibility based on enrollment numbers, however we are working to avoid this wherever possible.

    Will AP and accelerated courses be available?

    Yes. Every effort will be made to offer all courses, however, some exceptions may occur.

    What platform(s) will be used to provide virtual classroom learning and will schools/teachers have a choice in what they use? 

    Teachers in both the face-to-face model and the virtual classroom will use the same curricular materials.  Blackboard and Google Classroom will continue to be the learning management platforms that will be used.

    Will the virtual classroom option be an option for the entire school year? When would students be allowed/required to join back in the traditional setting?

    Yes. Registration will occur prior to each semester (first and second quarter; third and fourth quarter) to be in one model or the other. Students may continue in the Virtual Classroom model or the face-to face model for the second semester as well.

    How many hours a day will be required for remote learning?

    The Virtual Classroom schedule will be similar in terms of time (bell) allotments for various subject areas and averages out to approximately 6 hours per day. Students will be expected to log in at certain times for attendance tracking. The student in the Virtual Classroom will spend a bit less time involved in the Virtual Classroom site than the face-to-face student due to the time required for arrivals, dismissals, transitions, handwashing breaks, etc. that will be part of the precautionary measures needed with brick and mortar attendance. 

    Will classes begin at a specific time each day or will students be able to complete work at their own pace?

    Students will follow a schedule that includes specific times for each class/course, however, students may also have the opportunity to work ahead in some cases. The times will closely mirror the times of the face-to-face building schedule.

    Is my elementary student gong to sit in front of a computer all day?

    The daily schedule at the elementary level will include specific times for each class during which your child will be online. However, the elementary schedule will also include time for breaks, movement and independent reading, as well as hands-on learning experiences that occur without technology where appropriate. 

    If we choose virtual classroom learning, will the school system supply devices and internet connection?

    District Chromebooks will be provided for every student in grades K-12. We will be reaching out to Virtual Classroom families to schedule laptop distribution, and we will have a helpdesk available for families at 513-686-1793 as well as helpdesk@sycamoreschools.org

    What is the attendance policy for virtual classroom students?

    Student attendance expectations are the same for both the face-to-face and virtual classroom model

    How will students be graded in virtual classroom learning?

    Students will be graded using the district approved grading scale.