• Face-to-Face Learning FAQs

    How many students will be in a classroom in the fall in the face-to-face learning model?

    We are currently asking for family intentions regarding the face-to-face model or the Virtual Classroom. We will not have accurate data to answer this question until we have those preferences, however the total number will ot exceed our typical enrollment numbers. We anticipate that they will be less than typical at all grade levels.

    Will there be any changes to music offerings?

    While we are unable to provide exact details about what music education might look like in each of the educational scenarios before us, Sycamore Community Schools is committed to maintaining music class offerings that will continue to help students grow in the skills and knowledge regardless of their choice of educational format. 

    Every effort will be made to offer all music courses, however, there may be some choice limitations due to  precautionary distancing measures that must be in place for face-to face learning. Some courses may be reimagined to reduce excessive exhalation activities and will incorporate exploration of music in other forms. We are confident that our exceptional music professionals will provide engaging experiences despite limitations.

    Music making in an online environment will provide students with expanded engagement with resources and teachers to help them move forward in reaching their musical goals. 

    Are there any face-to-face courses that Sycamore Schools will not be able to offer this year based on programming or safety demands?

    Every effort will be made to offer all courses, however, there may be exceptions due to safety concerns.

    Will students stay in the classroom all day?

    The majority of the day for our K-6 students will be in one classroom, however they will be given restroom, recess, and handwashing breaks. Some specials may also be held outside of their classrooms.  Junior High and High School students will be in several different classrooms throughout their day as dictated by their schedule. Outdoor spaces will be utilized as much as possible for mask breaks.