• Healthy Classrooms FAQs

    How will social distancing be maintained in the classroom?

    Student desks will be placed at least 3ft. apart and will be forward facing. Students will wear masks at all times unless social distancing of 6ft or more or other physical barriers are in place. Teachers will provide direct instruction regarding the importance of maintaining distancing utilizing Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies and additional visual supports as needed.

    How will you enforce facial covering requirements?

    As with any new expectation regarding safety, teachers will provide direct instruction regarding the importance of wearing a mask using Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies and additional visual supports as needed. All staff will monitor compliance and incorporate the most effective classroom management strategies. Wearing a mask will be incorporated into the Parent/Student Handbook as well as the Code of Conduct, therefore disciplinary action may occur for any deliberate disobedience or multiple infractions related to this important safety expectation. 

    Will students be able to take off their masks at any time during the school day?

    All students Grades K-12 will be required to wear district-approved masks on the bus and during the school day with the exception of lunch, recess, and PE classes, or if social distancing can be ensured. If a student needs an additional break, they will certainly be given the opportunity. This may mean that they will need to ask their teacher to leave the room, so as not to jeopardize the health of another student/adult, depending on the ability to distance the student at 6 feet or more in that particular classroom. We are looking at additional places such as the nurses' offices, administrative offices, or other locations that might be provided as supervised locations for this. Students who have medical waivers will be accommodated with other physical barriers in class. 

    How will you clean and sanitize classroom spaces? How often?

    The pandemic has required that extra precautions be taken to protect the health of students and staff by ensuring frequent and regular cleaning and sanitizing. Sycamore Community Schools will follow all CDC and the Ohio Department of Health guidelines. 

    • Each classroom will be properly disinfected after use by students.
      • Desks, tables, chairs, and door handles will be wiped down by teachers after each class/student use
      • Countertops will be cleaned nightly and high traffic areas several times per day.