• Healthy Buildings FAQs

    Will students use lockers?

    Students will not be utilizing lockers within the school buildings.  Students at E.H. Greene School will leave backpacks in their homeroom classes.  Jr. High and High School students will carry their backpacks with them throughout the day.

    How often will you be cleaning and sanitizing common spaces?

    Common spaces and bathrooms will be frequently sanitized throughout the day:

      • Door handles in non-classrooms will be wiped down several times per day.
      • Restrooms will be cleaned multiple times daily and thoroughly sanitized each evening.
      • Clorox total 360 cleaner & Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface sanitizing spray will be utilized for both daily spot cleaning as well as for deep cleaning nightly. 
    • Lunch tables and chairs will be sanitized between lunches
    • Additional custodial staff will be utilized during the day in order to assist with key point area cleaning

    Is school ventilation adequately monitored?

    Yes, our ventilation and filtration systems will be monitored daily. We are also committed to increasing filter changes to address any potential air flow issues. The district will work closely with our mechanical contractor to ensure we continue to meet a high quality of ventilation for all district facilities. We also plan to increase the level of outside air being brought into our facilities.