• Healthy Schedules FAQs

    How will buses to and from school be addressed with social distancing in place?

    Students will be assigned seats on the bus and will load from back to front in order to maximize social distancing. Students will be assigned seats with their siblings when possible.

    Will students need to wear masks on the bus?

    Students in Grades K-12 will be required to wear masks while on the bus, with the exception of those who have a medical waiver. 

    What will breakfast look like for students? 

    In grades K-6, breakfast will be served in the cafeteria. As the student arrives in to school in the morning in the morning they will come down to the cafeteria and sit in their bus cohort. If they were dropped off there will be other tables to spread out. Their pre-ordered breakfast meal will be waiting for them and distributed by a staff member. 

    In grades 7-12, multiple grab-and-go breakfast stations will be available to pick up breakfast and take it back to their room to eat. Physical distancing will be followed in line with a physical barrier between the staff member and student. 


    What will lunch look like for students?

    Students will be escorted to lunch by a staff member in their specific cohort and sit in assigned seats at all grade levels. Seating during lunch may look different from school to school using additional spaces such as stages, gyms, etc for proper physical distancing between students. The students will wear their mask until seated and ready to eat. Students that pre-ordered school lunch will grab their meal and be seated. There will be proper time built into the schedule for handwashing before and after lunchtime, as well as for sanitizing the cafeteria tables and seats in-between lunch periods. 

    Note: Limited drinks and snacks will still be available for purchase in grades 5-12. Grades K-4 will have an opportunity to pre-order a la carte drinks and snacks outside of the lunch 

    How do I pre-order Child Nutrition meals?

    Meals will be pre-ordered through a program called My Meal Order. Parents will be provided with directions on how to create an account and how to add their students. Older students will have the ability to place their own meal orders by creating their own account as well. Meal orders will need to be placed weekly at most buildings, but meals will not be rung on a student’s account until the day of consumption. The kitchen staff will check attendance daily to ensure meals are not made for absent students. 

    What if I forget to order a meal for my student before the set pre-order deadline? 

    It is imperative the families try to meet the pre-order deadline set for their school. However, we will have additional meals made for those students who did not have a pre-order in. 

    Will class/block changes be staggered to reduce hallway congestion?

    Yes, and hallways and stairways will have visual markers to remind students of one way traffic flow. Administrators and other staff members will monitor hallways to ensure precautionary measures are maintained.

    How will arrival and dismissal be impacted?

    Healthy Arrival

    • Staff will be assigned to front/back drop off areas. Bus and car drop off will be staggered (will vary by building)  
    • Students will enter the building through multiple access points and move directly to their classrooms
    • Staff will monitor physical distancing, one way traffic flow, and will ensure students are wearing masks as they enter the building and move to their classrooms

    Healthy Dismissal

    • Parents picking up students at the end of the day will stay in their cars and drive through the designated pick up area
    • K-4 parent/family will have a numbered tag that allows staff to identify the children being picked up and escort them to their parent/family
    • K-8 staff will escort students to the bus lot to ensure physical distancing