• Healthy Activities FAQs

    Will students who select virtual classroom learning be able to participate in athletics and other activities? 

    Yes, students in virtual classroom learning will still be able to participate in athletics and other extracurricular activities. 

    What is the plan for fall sports?

    The Ohio High School Athletic Association has made recommendations to Governor Mike DeWine regarding fall sports. As soon as the governor makes a decision on what will be allowed this Fall, we will communicate it to our families. 

    Will students use locker rooms to change for physical education classes?

    Students will not be changing for physical education classes, therefore there will be no need for them to use the locker rooms. 

    Will electives be offered, and if so, what will electives look like? 

    Yes. Every effort will be made to offer all courses, however, some exceptions may occur. Electives may be held in their typical spaces, in separate classrooms, outside, or in whatever venue provides the ability to offer the course with precautionary measures in place. There will be additional precautions and some choice/activity limitations that will need to be put into place for some electives where excessive exhalation is inherent to their typical activities, such as choir, band, and PE. Electives that require sharing of materials such as Art and PE will also be adjusted to address. Such limitations. We are confident that our creative elective staff will provide a robust, engaging learning experience despite such barriers.

    Will students leave the classroom for P.E, music, art and other electives?

    This will depend on the space/equipment needed to safely participate in the activity. In some circumstances specials/elective teachers will come to the classroom and in others the students will travel safely to another location.

    Will there be recess?

    Yes, with additional precautionary measures in places 

    If my child is in the band or orchestra, what will that look like?

    Face-to-face orchestra classes will look similar to the past, with increased distance between students. Face-to-face band classes will involve the use of larger spaces, outdoor spaces when feasible, and smaller groupings where possible to provide additional distancing precautions. There may be limitations to which instruments can be used at specific times based on the capability to distance appropriately. 

    Will you have after school care (Champions) this year?

    Currently, Champions intends to operate sites at each of the elementary schools and possibly EHG. They are also discussing the idea of allowing EHG students to enroll in Champions for the morning and evening due to low enrollment in previous years at EHG and also ease of pick up by parents at their neighborhood elementary school. More details will be shared prior to the start of school. Champions will follow CDC guidelines for child care facilities. They will maintain cohorts of 9 children or fewer per 1 adult. For more questions about Champions, please contact the program director, Shari Paquette, SPaquette@discoverchampions.com or 513-984-4878.