• Healthy Minds FAQs

    Given the impact school closures have had on the well-being of students, what resources will be available this year to support their mental health?

    We know that our students are only able to engage in learning when their minds and bodies are healthy.  Likewise, we know that behind every successful student is a team of healthy adults helping them flourish. As we face these uncertain times, we know students,families, and staff are experiencing many emotions, and we are committed to understanding each individual, validating their emotional needs, and providing support.  Resources and details associated with mental health and well-being can be found within the Healthy Back to School 2020 Reopening Plan.

    Will there be mental health services available to support students?

    Our partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital continues in the 2020-2021 school year. Our school based mental health therapists are returning to work on varying days in August.  Each school has a full time therapist. Services can begin once school starts, and in some cases, before your child returns to school in September.

    How do we access mental health services?

    Parents, caregivers, teachers, and in some cases, students can make a referral for services.   Families can contact the therapist directly via email or phone, or they can contact the school counselor who can make a referral to the building therapist.  Lisa Zelvy, Pupil Services Supervisor, oversees these services and can also assist at any time with a referral for services. She can be reached at our district office (513) 686-1700 or via email at zelvyl@sycamoreschools.org

    Can students receive services face to face?  Virtually?

    Students will be able to receive services virtually through telehealth appointments, and/or face to face.  These decisions are made between the family and the therapist about what model best supports the needs of the child.  Students will not be permitted to attend face to face sessions during a required or recommended quarantine period, or if a school building is closed due to COVID-19.

    My child plans to attend virtual school.  Are they still able to see a therapist?

    Yes.  Students attending virtual school will be able to see a school based therapist.  Students in the virtual school will be referred to their home school therapist.  In some cases, if a therapist is full, another therapist on our district team may be assigned to support students in the virtual school.  

    My child is anxious about the return to school. Is there anything prior to the return to face to face learning to support this?

    We are currently working with 1N5, Mindpeace, and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to identify opportunities to support our families and our students with the return to face to face learning.  More information about these opportunities will be coming in early August.