Virtual Meal Curbside Pick Up Details


    What: For families with students enrolled in virtual learning, healthy breakfast and lunch meals will be available for pick up weekly. You will receive 5 breakfast and 5 lunch meals

    Where: Every Sycamore School - See tabs for detailed information on each pickup location


    All meals will need to be consumed by the following Tuesday from a food safety perspective. Meals will be a variety of cold, shelf-stable/ready to eat, and frozen options. All heating instructions and food safety notices are in the tab to the left or by clicking here


Virtual Meals FAQs

  • How do you order?

    • All families will need to fill out the Virtual Meal Curbside Pickup Form by every SUNDAY at Midnight. It will be set with the dates for every Wednesday from now until the end of 1st semester. You can fill them all out at once if you know in advance which weeks you will utilize the service, or you can choose to fill it out weekly as well. 

    How much does it cost? 

    • It is FREE!! USDA and ODE passed a new waiver for all schools that participate in School Nutrition Programs. As of today, Sycamore Schools is now able to serve breakfast and lunch to all students for FREE for the entire 2020-21 School Year.

    What if I forget to order by Sunday at Midnight?

    • Unfortunately, if this deadline is missed you will have to wait until the next pick-up date. 

    Do I have to sign up for meals every week in order to receive virtual meals?

    • Yes! You must be signed up for every week that you would like to receive meals. You are able to sign up for the multiple weeks at a time on the virtual meal order form.

    What if I signed up to pick up meals and no longer want them for the week?

    • You are expected to pick up your meals if you order them, as we prepare the number of meals that were ordered. If an emergency comes up, please email to let us know you will not be coming as soon as you know. 

    When can I pick up my child’s food?

    • Please see the school tabs on the side for pick up times and locations. 

    What if I can’t make it during my school's designated time to pick up my child’s meal?

    • At this point in time, there are no alternate pick-up times. If one becomes available, we will be sure to communicate this with virtual families. Someone else can pick up for you, such as a neighbor or other family member if necessary. 

    What comes in a weekly meal bag?

    • 5 breakfast meals and 5 lunch meals.
      • Each breakfast meal contains a grain item (cereal, donuts, etc), 100% fruit juice, fruit, and milk!
      • Each lunch meal contains a protein, grain, fruit (1 cup worth), vegetable (3/4 cup worth), and milk!

    What if my entrees don’t look complete?

    • The entrees provided may not be fully assembled in the bag and look like 5 completed entrees. HOWEVER, all entree components will be provided in the bag. Heating instructions will be provided.

    Can I order virtual meals for siblings, who are not enrolled in a Sycamore School?

    • Yes! Under the new program, we can provide free meals to siblings not actively enrolled in a Sycamore school between the ages of 1-18.

    What if my child has an allergy or special diet?

    • There is a place on the virtual meal order form, where you can list any allergies or dietary preferences you follow. If you have a diet that a substitution is needed, ie. a severe milk allergy (substitute juice) OR a gluten allergy (special gluten-free products are needed) these can only be accommodated IF you have a food allergy form on file with the district. 

    Will I be taking food away from someone who really needs the aide if I partake in the virtual meal pickup?

    • Not at all! Participating in the new program and receiving free meals actually helps the Sycamore School District by increasing our school lunch participation, which will in turn increase our reimbursements per lunch by the government. This allows the district to fix and/or buy kitchen equipment and provide better quality food for our students. 

    How long will my child be able to receive free meals?

    • The program enabling us to offer free meals to everyone in our district for the entire 2020-21 school year.