No Pre-Ordering as of 10/12/20

  • Beginning October 12, Sycamore Child Nutrition will no longer be using a pre-order system for Grades K-6 breakfast and lunch. We received a great deal of negative feedback from families about the functionality of the pre-ordering system put in place at the beginning of the school year. In addition, pre-ordering and meal delivery (for Grades K-4) was placing an undue burden on staff. In an effort to be responsive, we are doing away with the pre-ordering system and shifting towards our traditional meal ordering process with safety protocols in place. These protocols include social distancing while in line, contactless checkout, and extra sanitation measures.


    How will students order meals and be served?

    • Students will select what they want to eat while going through the lunch line as in a typical school year.

    • Students will be served most of their meals by the kitchen staff. If necessary, students will grab limited pre-packaged fruits and veggies and milk to finish their meal.

    How will students checkout safely?

    • As a reminder, all meals are free for ALL students for the entire 2020-21 school year. 

    • Students will use a lanyard with a lunch badge and scan it at our new scanners for a contactless checkout. They will not enter their numbers into pin pads as in past years.

    What other safety protocols will be in place?

    • Physical distancing using marks on the floors will be put in place. Students will still be separated by class when coming through the lunch line.

    • The kitchen staff will be wearing proper PPE and face shields for added safety.

    • There will be extra sanitation procedures between groups going through the line.

    When does pre-ordering end?

    • The last day you need to pre-order for your child will be Friday, October 9th. The first day for traditional meal ordering will be Monday, October 12.

    How do I find out what’s for lunch at my child’s school?

    • Menus for October 12 and beyond can be found on the Sycamore website or by clicking here

    Does this also impact students in Grades 7-12?

    • No, only for Grades K-6. There are no changes for meal ordering at Grades 7-12.