Data Assessment Risk Team

  • The Sycamore Data Assessment Risk Team (DART) is comprised of district membership along with the Board of Education, local public health & medical professionals:

    • Andrew Beck, MD, MPH
    • Dr. Karen Jerardi, MD, MEd
    • Matt Clayton, Public Health Commissioner 

    The group is assessing the following data to determine the safety of our schools remaining open:

    • State Data
      • # tests performed and % of positive cases
      • Risk level of Hamilton County (Sycamore Schools would transition into Remote Learning if Hamilton County goes to Purple level)
    • Hamilton County Data
      • New cases per 10,000 people per day
    • Core Zip Code Data (45242, 45249)
      • New cases per 10,000 people per day
      • # tests performed and % of positive cases
    • School Data
      • Daily attendance data
      • Daily temperature data
      • Random mask audit
      • Daily nursing data
      • Number of confirmed cases of COVID-19+
      • Number of students/staff in quarantine

    DART meets each Thursday to assess the 7-day trends of these data points and determine if a shift in learning model is needed for the following school week. If the group determines a change is needed, we will communicate this to staff and families on Fridays.